Burke Law – The Difference

What distinguishes us from other firms in the area:

Burke Law, P.L.C. adheres to one business philosophy: service. We believe that timely personal attention is the hallmark of quality legal service, and we apply this to each of our clients. When faced with legal challenges, our clients collaborate with counsel to determine the most practicable solution to their matter. Legal solutions are developed and executed.

As part of this pledge of service to clients, Burke Law abides by the sundown rule. We strive to return all of our clients’ calls before the end of the business day.

Although Burke Law primarily represents clients with security clearance or criminal defense concerns, other representative areas of practice include Virginia residential landlord-tenant law, estate planning, consumer protection cases, lemon law cases, fair debt collection practices cases, personal injury, workers’ compensation, and defending against governmental civil and criminal asset forfeiture actions. The security clearance law practice is a national and international practice. The remaining areas of practice are available to clients throughout Virginia including clients in Alexandria, Burke, Fairfax, Loudoun, Manassas, Stafford, Madison, and Culpeper.

Even if your issue is not listed as a practice area of Burke Law, Burke Law encourages you to contact us. Often the law firm is able to assist. In the event Burke Law does not handle the type of matter you are facing, Mr. Burke will refer you to an attorney specializing in the area in which you require assistance.

About Geoff Burke

Upon graduation from Wake Forest University School of Law, Mr. Burke, as an agent of the Commonwealth of Virginia, purchased real estate throughout Virginia from private landowners. These fee simple and conservation easement purchases forever conserved unique Virginia properties containing globally rare conditions. Mr. Burke oversaw all stages of real property acquisitions, successfully partnering with independent appraisers, surveyors, title companies, environmental assessment companies and state and local real property specialists to guarantee rare natural conditions located on real properties throughout Virginia were successfully preserved and protected.



Thereafter, Mr. Burke was hired to work at Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) Headquarters in Washington, District of Columbia. Mr. Burke was accomplished in the legal review of thousands of FBI forfeitures against property seized because it represented or was traceable to proceeds of criminal activity or was property used to facilitate a federal criminal offense. Petitions for mitigation or remission of forfeitures were similarly part of the duties assigned to Mr. Burke. Mr. Burke routinely addressed novel and complex forfeiture issues raised by all of the FBI Field Offices to FBI Headquarters.

Mr. Burke proceeded to an assignment with United States Secret Service (USSS) Headquarters. Mr. Burke reviewed all forfeiture actions against property seized by the USSS to guarantee that probable cause existed to support the forfeiture of criminally derived assets to the United States. Mr. Burke monitored all USSS forfeiture proceedings and ensured legal requirements were satisfied. After property was forfeited to the United States of America, Mr. Burke initiated a thorough review of every petition filed with the USSS by citizens seeking remission or mitigation (pardons) of forfeited property.

Lastly, Mr. Burke administered the 9/11 Victims Compensation Fund (VCF) at the Department of Justice. In this position, Mr. Burke processed eligibility determinations and payment awards to first responders, residents, and decedents who suffered a qualifying physical injury while responding to or residing within areas made hazardous by the 9/11/2001, terrorist attacks on New York City, Washington, District of Columbia, or Shanksville, Pennsylvania.

Mr. Burke obtained dual Bachelor of Arts degrees in Political Science and English Literature from Emory and Henry College. He was then awarded the degree of Juris Doctor by Wake Forest University School of Law. He is admitted to practice before all courts in Virginia, before the United States District Court for the Eastern District of Virginia, and before the United States District Court for the Western District of Virginia. Mr Burke is a member of the Virginia State Bar and the District of Columbia Bar.